89th Academy Awards : Raoul Peck, Ava DuVernay, Lotfi Bouchouchi, Mohamed Diab, Daryne Joshua and Said Khallaf nominated. Je ne suis pas votre nègre and13th retained ; Clash, Le Puits, Very Big Shot preselected.

They were 145 retained at the end of October, now the Academy has reduced the list of documentaries in contention for the Awardto 15. Among these I am not your Negro of the Haitian Raoul Peck, co-produced by the United States, France, Belgium and Switzerland. This 93-minute documentary is produced by Rémi Grellety, Raoul Peck, Hebert Peck (Velvet Film) with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson in the original American version of the film (rapper and actor JoeyStarr provides voice-over in the version French). In this film, Raoul Peck seizes REMEMBER THIS HOUSE, the unfinished book of American writer James Baldwin - a radical narrative about racialization in America, through the lives and murders of three of his friends: Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers (member of the NAACP) and Malcolm X.

At its World Premiere, this year at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF 2016), Canada, I am not your Negro received the Grolsch People's Choice Documentary Award. Since then, he has accumulated rewards and excellent reviews thanks to the the Award for Best Documentary Film of the Year, awarded in early December by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. In this American city as well as in New York, Maysles Cinema, Metrograph and Rave Cinemas Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15 have sealed a partnership with Magnolia Pictures (distributor of the film in the United States), for a special week of screenings in cinemas I'm not your Negro. For seven days, a series of discussions and panels surround this exceptional programming. The film will be released in theaters on February 3, 2017. WIDE House (Paris) is responsible for the international sales of this new film directed by Raoul Peck (Lumumba, Moloch Tropical, ...). He has just completed a fiction, Le Jeune Karl Marx, produced by Raoul Peck and Rémi Grellety, co-produced by Robert Guédiguian, Nicolas Blanc, Benny Drechsel and Patrick Quinet.

Among the contenders for the documentary Award, there is Fuocoammare, beyond Lampedusa (Fire at Sea) by the Italian Gianfranco Rosi, produced by Stemal Entertainment, with a 12-year-old Italian, Samuele, living on a Island in the middle of the sea, Lampedusa Island, a highly symbolic border of Europe, crossed over the last 20 years by thousands of migrants in search of freedom.

Another important film, 13th (2016, 1:41 min), which analyzes how the United States concentrates more than 25% of the prisoners in the world, including a surprising proportion of blacks, whereas it makes only 5% of the world population. The director Ava DuVernay passes here to the documentary, after her troubling fiction Selma, on Martin Luther. The film is available on Netflix since 07 October. The list of 15 pre-selected documentaries will be reduced to 5 nominees to be announced on 24 January.

Another category to watch for: films contributing to the Awardfor Best Foreign Language Film. Among the 85 countries that have presented a film there are 4 African nations: Egypt (Clash, Mohamed Diab, African Critics' Award 2016), Morocco (A mile in my shoes, Said Khallaf), South Africa (Call Me Thief, Daryne Joshua) and Algeria (The Well, by Lotfi Bouchouchi). AfricAvenir presents The well, in the presence of the Algerian director, on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, at 8:00 pm, at the Hackesche Höfe Kino (Rosenthaler Straße)

Tunisia has been disqualified - A Peine j'ouvre les yeux of Leyla Bouzid loses her chances - as well as Cameroon. Lebanon is present in this category with Very Big Shot (Film kteer kbeer) from Lebanese Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya, as well as Vietnam, by Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass from director Victor Vu, director. For the first time Yemen is shortlisted for the Award with I, Nojoom, 10 years old and divorced, by the director Khadija Al-Salami, according to a true story. The short list should be known soon and then culminate in a final list of 5 foreign films nominated for the 89th Academy Awards: it will take place on Sunday, February 26, 2017 (during the 25th Fespaco).

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December 19, 2016
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