ACPCultures+ at Dev Days 2016, 15 and 16 June

ACPCultures+ at Dev Days 2016 on 15 and 16 June

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ACPCultures+ will have a major presence at the EDD: conference, cultural stand and several performances

The “European Development Days” (EDD) are Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation. Organised by the European Commission, the forum brings the development community together each year to share experiences in order to think new innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

In 2016, a strong presence of cultural projects and initiates are scheduled. ACPCultures+ is organising a conference, hosting a stand and develops several performances.

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The EDD Village showcases ground-breaking development projects, reports and initiatives from around the world. ACPCultures+ will host a cultural stand with Africalia, promoting sustainable human development by supporting African culture. Through practical case studies, presentation of hubs and festivals, the stand presents the “Culture value chain”, from creation, to distribution and revenue creation. The creative and cultural industries, are presented both in terms of generated/potential revenues and of cultural impact.

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Conference: “Culture and sustainable growth”

Several studies confirmed the role of culture in development. Development policies that take into account the cultural dimension have multiplied effects. Due to its horizontal nature, culture has an impact on the nations’ economic growth, environment, gender, security, education and governance. Culture is both a driver and an enabler of sustainable development. Through 3 concrete cases studies, 2 main aspects of the link between culture and development will be presented: culture generates income and employment and has an impact on the improvement of the countries’ image, entrepreneurship, NT and foreign investment attraction; culture is linked to good governance, stabilisation of the political system, promulgation of fair laws as prerequisite for development.


Etienne Minoungou, moderator, Burkina Faso

Etienne is a versatile artist, storyteller and cultural entrepreneur. 

Elise Huffer, Cultural Adviser at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Fidji

Through concrete case studies, Elise will present the relationships between culture and economy, especially how the development of cultural policies can improve inward tourism and increase wealth.

Ernest Konan, film producer, Côte d’Ivoire

Producer of “RUN”, the first Ivory Coast film selected in the Cannes Film Festival. The film lead to a new cinema law, training of a new generation of actors, attracting foreign shooting in the country and creating more than hundred jobs.

Marina Mazzoni, project manager “Art Against Poverty”, CEFA, Italy

“Art against poverty” worked primarily with disadvantaged artists to increase their skills and enable them to live with their art. Most of these young artists were able to find their way and begin a real career.

Cultural programme

ACPCultures+ organises 2 main performances.

“The Jumping Village”

“The Jumping Village” is a fusion performance that manifests the thrilling energy of both traditional and contemporary Tanzanian arts. It presents the problems of the consequences of land grabbing in Africa. The performance is realised in the framework of the “Art against poverty” project, supported by ACPCultures+. The performance will be showed twice a day.

Graffiti, Giant Painting

ACPCultures+ invited 2 graffiti artists from Kenya to realise a giant painting in 48 hours on the theme of climate change. A perfect example on how culture can transform the life of people: from challenging environment, the painters are now professional artists.

Discover also the cultural programme developed by our partner Africalia


The Art Against Poverty project, financed by, will bring an exhibition called "dreams and selfie", realized by the photographer Gabriele Fiolo in collaboration with 3 beneficiaries of the project: Sameer Kermalli, Josephine Mhina and Linus Kihaga. The photos are 100 giant portraits printed on PVC of the Tanzanian artists involved in the project.

May 20, 2016
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