ACPCultures+ : increased participation by ACP cultural operators

Beneficiary project "Dakar Trottoirs". The actress Prudanse Maïdou and the film producer of "Dakar Trottoirs", on the set of the feature film directed by Hubert Laba Ndao.

The Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States welcomes increased participation of ACP cultural operators in the Call for Proposals of the ACPCultures+ Programme"No future without culture."

On 29 September 2012, the second Call for Proposals of the ACPCultures+ Programme was publicly launched in the margins of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, and subsequently closed on 20 December 2012. With a financial envelope of €15,250,244, this new call for proposals, launched less than two years after the one in 2011, includes several new features facilitate the participation of ACP cultural operators: simplified guidelines, the inclusion of all cultural sectors, broader eligibility criteria for tenderers, publication of the call for proposal in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

The Secretariat of the ACP Group of States received 290 proposals, i.e. 134 for Batch 1 (cinema and audiovisual activities) and 157 for Batch 2 (other cultural industries). This represents an almost 35% increase in comparison to the 216 applications received for the 1st Call.

Sharp increase in applications from the Caribbean and East Africa regions

The proposals received during the 2nd Call for proposals are currently being assessed. The process began at ACP House in Brussels, on 15 January 2013, with an opening ceremony that brought together representatives from the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and the European Commission.

Initial data have revealed a sharp increase in the number of applications from two regions — the Caribbean and East Africa.  In fact, twice the number of applicants from these regions have participated in this Call, as opposed to the first one. In addition to the 291 applicants, the projects submitted involve 857 partners, of which nearly 750 come from ACP States. 

For the ACP Secretariat, which continues to work tirelessly to develop the ACP cultural industries and build the capacities of ACP cultural operators, these initial elements are a source of satisfaction.

An evaluation committee will select the projects to be financed. At the end of the three stages of the evaluation process (verifying administrative compliance and assessing concept notes; evaluating completed forms; verifying eligibility), the contracts for the selected projects should be signed in July 2013. 

Beneficiary project "Earth-based architecture : a developing cultural industry". Official visit of the Minister for the Promotion of Women and Children, the Governor of Niamey, and Mayor of Nimaey Commune 5, at the earthen architecture construction site of a school in Karadje.

20 financed projects now underway

The 20 projects that were financed under the 1st Call for proposals are now being implemented. They cover many aspects of the cultural sector (cinema, audiovisual activities, 2D and 3D animation, performing arts, the publishing industry, architecture, etc.), involve 58 ACP and 21 European operators and cover the 6 geographic regions of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Their grant amounts to a total of €8.3 million.

Eleven of the projects being financed involve the film and audiovisual field. Six of them are feature length films: "Cristo Rey" directed by Leticia Tonos (Dominican Republic); "Sidewalks of Dakar" by Hubert Laba Ndao (Senegal); "Grigris" by Mahamat Saleh Haroun (Chad); "Eye of the Hurricane" by Sekou Traoré (Burkina Faso); "Lonbraz Kann" by David Constantin (Mauritius) and "Murder in Pacot" by Raoul Peck (Haiti).

Four are training projects: "ACP 3D" conducted by the African Management Institute (Senegal), "Afriqu’Animaction" by Studio Malembe Maa (Democratic Republic of Congo), "DocuSound" by Col’Or Onlus (Italy),and "Professional Series: Training Sessions for the Professionalisation of African TV Series," conducted by Canal France International (France).

Finally, "," conducted by Idmage (France), focuses on distribution and dissemination.

The nine other projects selected under the 1st Call for proposals involve cultural industries outside of the cinematic and audiovisual fields. For the publishing industry, there is "Sudplanète," submitted by the Africultures Association (France) and "Littafcar," by the Cooperation through Education and Culture Association (Belgium), for architecture, there is the "Architecture in earth: a developing cultural industry" project submitted by the CISP (Italy) and for performing arts, the travelling festival, "Festival Africa Fête Itinérant" from Tringa Musiques et Développement (Senegal), "Network for African Talents" from Fondazione Ravenna Manifestazioni (Italy), "Music Bridges: interludio amongst Pacific, Africa and Europe" by COSV (Italy); the "Salon International de la Musique Africaine" from the African Music Export Office (Senegal); "Pamoja" from Studios Kabako (DRC) and "P-Stage" from the Para o Intercâmbio Teatral Association (Portugal).

The Secretariat of the ACP Group of States will continue to provide unwavering long-term support to all the beneficiaries of the ACPCultures+ Programme to enable them to effectively and efficiently implement their projects.


(publication : March 2013)

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