Applicant: Idmage (France)
Location: Senegal, Mali, Haiti, France, Spain
Duration: 18 months
Amount of the grant: 800 000 €
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 “ – MobiCINE+” was conceived as a continuation of the development of the action financed under the previous ACP-EU ACPFilms (2007-2012) Programme. This allowed for the achievement of two major goals; implementation of a legal video-on-demand download service, piloted in Africa, as well as creation new distribution platforms adapted to the economic reality of ACP States.

Through a series of new activities (development of functionality, extension of the Mobi-CINE project, opening up of the Caribbean market), this project contributes to reinforcing the distribution and remuneration of ACP TV broadcasting through a digital medium. It should also ensure the viability of the economic model of Mobi-CINE as well as its capacity to be exported to other ACP countries.


The project launched the VOD platform:

And is programming several screenings in different African countries. To schedule your projection, you can go on:

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