March 9, 2017

ACPCultures+ met Alain Gomis at the Berlinale, where he won the Grand Jury Prize for his film Félicité. On 4 March 2017, the Franco-Senegalese filmmaker won the Golden Stallion at FESPACO as well as the EU/ACP award. Sixteen years after his first feature film, he is recognised as a talented and committed artist.

Félicité, a tale about a nightclub singer who has to scrape together funds to pay for her son's treatment after a road accident, scooped the top prize on Saturday at Africa's top cinema festival. 

In the interview, Alain Gomis explains how he worked with the technicians and crew of the film Viva Riva by Djo Tunda Wa Munga. Viva Riva has been funded in 2009 by ACP Films, the ancestor of the ACPCultures+ Programme. This element proves that, over the years, the support to the audiovisual sector in ACP countries is capable of building strong competences and permanent skills.

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