Arterial Network's 5th African Creative Economy Conference

The "Pamoja" and "ACP Digital United" projects presented as models of best practice

ACPCultures+ was a partner of the 5th African Creative Economy Conference, an unmissable crossroads of African artistic creation

The African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on the 9th and 10th of October 2015. It hosted some 150 delegates from the African culture sector and was organised by the Pan-African group, Arterial Network. The key theme of the conference was African ownership of Africa's creative economy. Over two days, experts in the field hailing from four corners of the continent addressed this theme, including a wide variety of topics relating to the creative economy. ACPCultures+ presented two projects as models of best practice in line with the conference's key theme: the "Pamoja" project from Kabako Studios in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the "ACP Digital United" project from Buni Media in Kenya.  

The detailed two-day programme was rich in networking opportunities and content. The first day of the conference was mainly dedicated to focus areas such as regional cooperation in Central Africa, digital platforms, music and the economy. The speakers discussed the protection of intellectual property in Africa, the potential of creative economies in Central Africa, the importance of music festivals for local economies and the impact of new technologies on creative industries in Africa. This digital innovation was explored by Marie Lora-Mungai, a representative from Bunia Media and beneficiary of the ACPCultures+ Programme with the "Digital ACP United" project. She shared her experiences in the production and distribution of African audiovisual content, spoke of the issues, opportunities and difficulties in the creative industries sector and showcased the results achieved by the project.

On the second day of the conference, various speakers presented on subjects including international cooperation and the African creative sector, redefining concepts and processes, cooperation across borders and boundaries, and the occupation of spaces. More specifically, ten speakers explored various themes ranging from: 'Innovative Approaches to Funding the Creative Economy'; 'Cultural Entrepreneurship in Africa'; 'Integrating the Creative Industries across and within 
Government Departments, the Private Sector and Civil Society'; to 'Mobility and Touring in Central Africa'; and 'The Vulnerability of the Artist within African Societies'. Virginie Dupray, a representative from Kabako Studios who was implemented the "Pamoja" project, spoke of the hurdles in the creation and distribution of artistic works and highlighted the results obtained from the project in the framework of the Africa Caribbean Pacific - European Union (ACP-EU) cooperation. 

During the conference, the International Music Council (IMC), a beneficiary of the ACPCultures+ Programme with the "African Music Development Programme", partnered with Cameroon-based Le Kolatier Music Market to produce a rich music-based programme. A workshop on communication and marketing in the music industry was organised for fifteen young African cultural managers. In their roles as emerging cultural professionals, they had the opportunity to participate in the Arterial Network's ACEC for the purpose of meeting a considerable number of industry professionals.




Translated by Matthew Glasgow

October 16, 2015
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