best practice and SHARING at “La Manufacture de Namur”

The International Francophone Film Festival

The "Action 3i" project was presented to 15 film schools from the Francophone world in Namur, Belgium.

Tomorrow's cinema will be the work of today's young professionals. The IFFF (International Francophone Film Festival) in Namur,organised the 3-days workshop La Manufacture de Namur, which saw 15 students from 15 film schools reinvent part of an IFFF awarded film, an initiative with the goal to establish a solid network of film schools in the Francophone world. It is a chance to showcase and share the skills, expertise and unique aspects of each school, in order to highlight the presence of various audiovisual training institutes on an international level. "For three days the students and teachers meet, create networks and are surrounded by cinema professionals. They have the opportunity to attend cinema classes on, for example, musical composition and film financing, on the role of TV networks such as ARTE in financing and on participatory financing," explained Hervé Le Phuez, the IFFF programme coordinator.

ACPCultures+ was an event partner and invited three of the audiovisual training institutes - the IAD in Belgium, the ISMA in Benin and the INPTIC in Gabon - to talk about the "Action 3i" project, an artistic, technical and professional training initiative involving all three institutes.

Nathalie Degimbe of the IAD (the Institute of Broadcast Arts), explained that the project was born out of observing a lack of practical training in many African countries. "Theory classes are cheaper because they allow a lot of people to assemble in an auditorium. In Africa, there is a shortage of practical classes with good material. It is easy to find filmmakers, but there is a lack of professionals such as sound, lighting and grip technicians to complete the team needed for an audiovisual production. Our approach is to listen to the needs of professionals and to provide vocational training."

Modeste Houngbeji, a teacher at ISMA (the Higher Technical Institute of Audiovisual) in Benin, a recipient of the "Action 3i" project, explained that because of funding from ACPCultures+, "It was possible to prioritise practical training. We explore the potential of all audiovisual professions, notably through a number of concrete exercises. We cover all the steps in the making of an audiovisual production. For this reason, our students work in all the different professional roles in their peer's film productions."

Pierre Rouamba, a professor at ISIS (the Higher Institute of Image and Sound) in Burkina Faso, for his part, commented on the presentation of the "Action 3i" project. "The cooperation between the three audiovisual training institutes enables the sharing of best practice in terms of networking, teaching methods, structure and finances. It is interesting to note that it is not just a North-South cooperation, but also a South-South partnership, which is extremely important for the circulation of talent in our regions."


Translated by Matthew Glasgow





October 12, 2015
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