May 29, 2015


ACPCultures+ met Joao Viana at the Cannes Film Festival 2015

"The impact on the Mozambican economy will be huge"

Born in Angola, Joao Viana grows between Angola and Portugal. After five years of law school ("I did it to please my father"), he turns to the cinema. "I wanted to do this since the age of 7. I have seen many movies in Angola, it was part of the colonial culture. Everyone was going to the cinema. Cinema were open, we had to wait the whole night to watch a film."

When he started his carreer in the cinema industry, Joao Viana fills all positions: driver, sound operator, assistant director, producer ... and works with many filmmakers: from Manoel de Oliveira to Werner Schroeter, Filipe Rocha and Jose Alvaro.

He started the realisation of his first short film The pool in 2004, followed in 2011 by the short Alfama. Meanwhile, in 2009 he founded in Lisbon the Papaveronoir production company. 2013 marks the year of his first feature film The Battle of Tabato, Best Film at the African Film Festival in Milan and presented in the Berlinale Forum.

Selected by the Atelier of the Cinéfondation at Cannes 2015, Joao Viana talks about “Our Madness”, supported by the Programme ACPCultures +, he will shoot late September 2015 in Mozambique.

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