Capital Numérique

Applicant: Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
Location: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Gabon , Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Haiti, Mauritius, Central African Republic, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Togo
Duration: 36 months
Amount of the grant: 500 000 €
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The project, which was managed by the OIF, aimed at boosting markets and audiovisual production by enhancing digital works and digital image stocks in 20 African countries. It provided, inter alia, that the works of ACP authors available on analogue media would become, thanks to digitization, broadcast to television, cinema or via the Internet. The creation of a digital platform for the sharing of images between televisions, the production of 14 hours of program, support for strengthening the regulation of the audiovisual repository and training workshops were also included in the Action programme.

atelier d'écriture memoires vives niamey mars 2016


The project led to the development of a directive on audiovisual legal deposit, approved in 2015 by the ministers of culture of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), whose final adoption is expected in 2017.

The producers of 47 films, short films or feature films, and 9 television series (digitized for the most part by the French National Library) have given their approval for a recirculation of these works by West Coast distributor and the VoD portal The same works will be available from 2017 within the framework of the Audiovisual archives center of the Imagine Institute of Ouagadougou which was also equipped with a film scanner as part of the project.

The digital video sharing platform between televisions (Archibald) has been operational since the end of June 2015. The Memos series (short programmes based on archives) reached the cap of 100 items produced in November 2016. The first season (8 Episodes of 26 ') of the documentary series Mémoires vives dealing with major events of the past using archival material and testimonies, has also been completed.

These productions, born of the project "Digital Capital", prompted two African television stations (RTI of Côte d'Ivoire and Chad Public Television) to create their own box of programs based on archives.


Capital numérique, images d'archive

Capital numérique, images d'archive

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