Cinécyclo team in Senegal will roll 3000 kilometres, from village to village, to gather families around a movie

Cinécyclo is a cultural association, based in Dijon. It was created in order to promote and facilitate the dissemination of video and sound equipment in remote and undeveloped areas. Cinécyclo decided to organise each year, starting in 2015, a major project in a region of the world, in order to boost the use of bike while providing energy solutions.

For its first edition, direction Senegal on 15 November 2015. The Cinécyclo Tour of Senegal is a traveling cinema of 3000 km. The Tour will offer free outdoor screenings in Senegal, traveling by bicycle from village to village for 6 months.

The bike will be the only means of transportation and will provide all of the electricity needed for the projections, thanks to a pedal generator designed specifically for the occasion. So this is a mobile video screening station, ecological and electrically independent.

Vincent Hanrion is the promoter of this project. In 2013, he founded a documentary film club in Quebec City while following bike mechanics course. His two passions will nourish the Cinécyclo Tour of Senegal, bringing together a team of volunteers. With an accountant, students, electro-mechanic, a professional volleyball player ..., volunteers come from all backgrounds and pool their unfailing motivation.

A bike has been specially designed for this trip: it will provide electricity for the screenings through a pedal generator. With a mini-projector, a chamber and a projection screen, movie nights will gather a village around a concept that combines adventure, cultural dissemination, environmental awareness and development.

The generating line on which the teams work in Dakar is called MADE IN Senegal. The stated aim of the association is to develop an Open Source MADE IN Senegal from materials that are easy to access and economic. Volunteers work including reuse of waste batteries, bike mechanical parts and scooter accessible worldwide.

The approach is simple and innovative: create a cultural event while initiating local dynamics bringing concrete and sustainable solutions in terms of energy for basic needs.


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August 26, 2015
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