Digital United ACP The Africa-Caribbean Cooperative for profitable, fair and safe film distribution

Applicant: Buni Media Ldt (Kenya)
Location: Kenya, Senegal, France, Africa, Caribbean, World
Duration: 18 months
Amount of the grant: 500 000 €
Project url: website
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Through the Digital United ACP project, leading African VOD platforms and set up collaborative structures and developed a fair, common contract which greatly simplified the digital distribution process for filmmakers. As a result, the partners were able to sign over 100 contracts with rights owners in 56 ACP countries, representing 900 new titles. The development of new technology (streaming, mobile apps, embeddable player) and new distribution channels (YouTube, TV sales, set-up boxes) by the partners led to increased revenue for rights holders. and also participated in numerous workshops and panels held at industry events (reaching approximately 150 stakeholders), which contributed to increasing the awareness of the sector about digital distribution opportunities.

In July 2016 has been acquired by the VOD platform Trace TV. Read the article.



Presenting the project to African professionals and right holders:

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