Applicant: Col’Or Onlus (Italy)
Location: Kenya, Senegal
Duration: 24 months
Amount of the grant: 379 373 €
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“DocuSound” straddles the boundaries between radio documentary production and the establishment of an international network of physical handicapped professionals (predominantly visually). Aimed principally at this target group, in Kenya and Senegal, the project intends to deliver a series of trainings in production, development and broadcasting of radio documentaries. The motivation behind the activity is both professional and social, inclusive and participative.

Four training workshops focused on production and post-production of radio documentaries have been hold with 30 students (2 in Kenya and 2 in Senegal). Following the workshops, 26 students have been assigned sub-grants for producing their radio documentaries which have been distributed in 4 community radios in Senegal and Kenya.

A good intercultural dimension has been implemented (2 students from Kenya participated to the Senegalese workshop and 3 students from Senegal participated to the Kenyan workshop).

Three websites are on line (main website, Senegalese and Kenyan websites). Main issues of the documentaries being: social justice, human rights, health access and fair development.



March 25-April 26: Call for Proposals to select workshop participants.

After evaluation, 15 students were selected to participate in free workshops that are scheduled in July 2013, October 2013 and February 2014 in Dakar (Senegal) and Nairobi (Kenya).

The three workshops will focus on the different steps of production process:

Workshop 1: development, research, writing, fundraising.

Workshop 2: production and editing basics.

Workshop 3: post-production, distribution and promotion.

May: first workshop held in Nairobi (Kenya)

July: first workshop held in Dakar (Senegal)


In 2014, several documentaties has been realised by the trainees, radio documentary makers (directors, producers and editors/publishers) oriented towards social change. 50% of those trained were visually impaired and disabled people. Here is a selection of the finest documentaries produced by the network’s authors, in their original language.

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