East African Community's Culture and Creative Industries Bill 2015

A boost to the East-African creative industries

The Bill will create practical tools to assist individual creators and creative communities

It is now windfall for local artists in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi following the endorsement of the East African Community's Culture and Creative Industries Bill 2015. The key Bill recognizes people with talents and skills and creates an environment that promotes talents and the necessary infrastructure to develop the industries, many of which are considered nascent, while removing existing barriers. The object of the Bill is to promote the Culture and Creative industries at the EAC. The Bill seeks to establish the Culture and Creative Industries Council that shall provide an environment conducive to the enhancement and stimulation of creativity and innovative endeavours among the citizens of the Community.

The Bill shall: provide high quality trainings for skills and creativity development; formulate policies and strategies that shall stimulate creativity and innovations among the youths to ensure long term supply of creative talents; conduct a comprehensive mapping of individuals or groups involved in creative industries; and design practical tools to assist individual creators and creative communities to effectively use and diversify their products to be locally and globally competitive.

Although the region has the potential to develop new areas of wealth and employment as it is rich in cultural heritage and inexhaustible pools of talent, the region still remains a marginal player in the global market. This is also due to lack of incentives, financial, educational, infrastructure and technology support from the Partner States and the business community.

Public hearings in a consultative process were organised in all the EAC Partner States (Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi). The main objectives of these public hearings were: to form an effective medium for sensitization of stakeholders on the EAC Creative and Cultural Industries Bill, 2015; for the invited stakeholders to contribute to the discussions on the Bill for purposes of generating and incorporating their views; and to compile Partner States views and amendments thereto for input into the Bill.

November 24, 2015
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