Editorial of Mrs. Raymond, ACP Assistant Secretary General, Newsletter n°1 (October-November 2012)

Mrs M.-D. Raymond, ACP Assistant Secretary-General, Head of Political Affairs and Human Development Department

ACPCultures+ : a unique tool

The ACPCultures+ Programme has, since the launch of the 1st Call for Proposals in February 2011 – held in the margins of the Fespaco, enjoyed a harmonious and encouraging development. The 20 projects selected will benefit from financing up to €8.3 million. They will be implemented in 37 of the 79 countries of the ACP Group of States by 62 ACP culture sector operators, in partnership with 22 organisations based in the European Union.

A meeting was held, on 3rd-4th September 2012, at ACP House in Brussels in order to allow grant awardees, prior to starting their actions, to gain an in depth insight into the contractual procedures linked to the disbursement of their grants. The second Call for Proposals was published on 18th September 2012. The accompanying guidelines were presented on 29th September 2012 at a Film Festival workshop in Trinidad and Tobago. I invite each and everyone to contribute to the dissemination of this new Call for Proposals in order to further bust the impact and influence of ACPCultures+.

Financed under the intra-ACP budget line of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), ACPCultures+ has the global objective of contributing to the reduction of poverty through the consolidation of viable cultural industries in ACP countries. This undertaking remains fundamental to the incontrovertible human, artistic, economic and social potential of the ACP culture sector. 

The ACPFilms Programme, implemented under the 9thEDF, has witnessed the success of several works it has supported at prestigious international film festivals. I hope that the new projects financed under the 10thEDF will rise to the same level as their illustrious predecessors. Cultural and creative industries must continue to contribute to the positive image of the States and peoples of the ACP Group.

Michèle-Dominique RAYMOND

Assistant Secretary-General

Secretariat of the ACP Group of States

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