Editorial of Mrs. Raymond, ACP Assistant Secretary General, Newsletter n°2 (March-April 2013)

Mme Raymond, Sous-Secrétaire Générale ACP


In this time of uncertainty and crises, culture is now, more than ever, a strategic sector for the sustainable development of the Member States of the ACP Group. The Brussels Resolution, adopted by the ACP Ministers of Culture at the end of their 3rd meeting held at ACP House on 17 and 18 October 2012, strongly reaffirmed this: culture must become a cross-cutting strategy for artistic creation as well as for economic development, social justice and democratic co-existence. This text, published in its entirety in this newsletter, strengthens the commitment of the ACP States to the cultural sector and constitutes a new stage in the process towards full recognition of its role and potential.

The 23rd edition of Fespaco took place in February 2013. We must be keenly attentive to the many positive aspects of a cultural event of this magnitude. Whether it’s a question of creating jobs, significant local economic benefits, international renown, development of an entire country through a dynamic image or the encouragement of individual and collective creativity, the impact of the Pan-African Film Festival in Ouagadougou brilliantly illustrates the pivotal role that culture can and must play in our countries.  

It is with honour and pleasure that I represented the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States, once again, at this major film festival. A special ACPCultures+ prize was awarded to the kenyan director Beryl Magoko for her documentary film "The Cut". Through its artistic and technical qualities and commitment to women's rights, this work brilliantly meets the Programme's objectives such as the reinforcement of capacities of ACP film professionals and the fight against poverty.

In addition, I am particularly pleased to state that no fewer than 7 films from the ACPFilms Programme, financed by the 9th European Development Fund, featured among the works selected for Fespaco 2013. I truly hope they win the most prestigious awards. Their success contributes to the recognition and development underway in the cultural sector. Let’s guarantee that in future this sector will be given greater consideration in the formulation of strategies for economic, social and human development.

Michèle Dominique Raymond

ACP Assistant Secretary General

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