March 6, 2017

Opening Conference of the International Film and Audiovisual Market at the FESPACO 2017.

As part of the 25th edition of FESPACO, Stefano Manservisi, Director General of the Directorate General of International Cooperation and Development, officially opened, as sponsor, the International Market of Cinema and Television (MICA) in the presence of Tahirou Barry, Minister of Culture of Burkina Faso.

After the "ribbon cutting" of the market, Mr. Manservisi opened the conference organized by ACPCultures+ on "Audiovisual and innovation: entrepreneurship, financing, and interactivity, keys to market access" with Ardiouma Soma, General Delegate Of FESPACO.

The conference brought together more than 400 professionals and national authorities in charge of the cinema and audiovisual sector of several ACP countries.

The conference enabled several panelists to present case studies and innovative business models. David Constantin, director and producer, presented the film Lonbraz Kann, funded by ACPCultures+, which used an alternative funding model (crowdfunding) and was distributed in innovative ways in schools.

Ousmane Boudanoué from Génération Films (Burkina Faso) spoke of alternative forms of entrepreneurship, the innovative accompaniment of filmmakers, particularly on screenwriting and methods to revitalize the links between the public and cinema.

Jean-Yves Bassangna, co-founder and CEO of Kiro's Games (Cameroon) shared his experience of launching the first video game of Central Africa, Aurion, based on an African legend. Kiroo's games is the first game production studio in French-speaking Africa and one of the first VSEs to have explored venture capital to finance its activities.

Marc-Henri Wajnberg, producer and director, has developed a cross-media virtual reality project in Congo, which he also uses on the phone, tablet or computer. He talked about the design of the cross media project and virtual reality In the skin of a Shengue.

Alexandre Rideau of Kewu studio (Senegal), is the producer of "C'est la vie", a television series watched in 44 countries of sub-Saharan Africa by 100 million viewers. The producer spoke about the keys to the success of the series, the interaction between televisions, gaming, online and offline and derivatives.

Conférence d'ouverture du Marché International du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel au FESPACO 2017
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