For the first time, Kinshasa hosts a festival to fight against discrimination against albinos. "Proudly Ndundu" opens Thursday and will end on Saturday with a concert with headliners Djino Kaporedji and Paul Le Perc.

Fighting against discrimination against albinos. This is the stated objective of "Proudly Ndundu" festival which opens this Thursday at the Protestant University of Kinshasa. For three days, conferences and workshops will seek to raise awareness of issues facing people with albinism.

A festival that has marked the end of a campaign that began on June 13, when United Nations decreed the first World Day to raise awareness about albinism.

On the same date in the DRC, the “More Colors” association decided to join this global action, by launching a YouTube clip of the same name bringing many Congolese cultural figures.

The Congolese have been asked to be photographed with an albino "Albinos are afraid, we do not dare approach them. It's time to demystify and break down barriers", says Czechs Bukasa general secretary of “More Color”. Since January, more than a thousand photos were published according to the organizers.

Source: Jeune Afrique



August 27, 2015
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