gaming, arts and culture support one another

A new report has concluded that the games industry and the arts and cultural sector have a mutually beneficial economic relationship


The ideas and inspiration for games often come from the arts, and games companies use Intellectual Property produced by artists and rely on talent from arts colleges. This process generates income for artists as well as for the creative industries.

The findings emerge from a report that the council of England have has just published in partnership with SDG Economic Development, “Exploring the role of arts and culture in the creative industries”. This is one of two economic reports published on 4 November on the impact of the culture industry on the UK economy, showing a 10% jump in arts and culture’s economic contribution in a single year.

The SDG report uses case studies of the games, music, architecture and other sectors to examine how art sector links with them. It features a case study from Auroch Digital, an independent game development studio based in Bristol. The games sector relies on talented, creative people with strong technical ability; this case study illustrates that these skills are most often found in art college graduates. It also shows that artists and musicians serve the sector on a freelance basis by providing specialist short-term inputs that make gamers’ experiences better – and the income that the games sector provides artists helps them to diversify their sources of income, which can be important in maintaining their artistic practice.

Peter Willington, Producer & Marketing Manager at Auroch Digital, said: "As a games studio that works with top-tier IPs, we often look to other mediums - literature, board games, film, and beyond - for commercial opportunities and artistic inspiration. Similarly, we're frequently approached by companies and brand-owners looking to work in the field of games. It's always a positive experience for us, long may it continue."

The report concludes that the games sector makes a major contribution to the UK economy – serving both domestic and international markets.


To download the report, click here.

November 16, 2017
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