International Festival Nianankan: Peace is national reconciliation

An international festival dedicated to culture at the end of the month in Mali

The first edition of the International Festival Nianankan (IFN) will be held between 24 – 27th of December in Koulikoro, a region in Western Mali.


The theme of the first edition of the festival is: “Peace Is National Reconciliation” and calls for the restoration of peace in Mali. It furthers attempts to reunite all the constituents of the Koulikoro region and to bring its long-forgotten values back in the society.

Koulikoro is a crucial region in Mali’s history, in which important battles have taken place. The organisers feel responsible for the hand-over of this historical knowledge to the new generations, says Dramane Konate N’Dalous, promoter of IFN.

N’Dalous highlights that the main objective of the festival is to reinforce peace and development through culture which, he states, is an indispensable element for progress nowadays. It will also promote the region as a touristic destination.

IFN will further address the nostalgia young people feel towards Malian traditional dances, Koteba, masks, currently overridden by other, unauthentic for the Malian society, forms of cultural expression. For this aim, many national and international artists will be involved in the festival’s various activities. The latter will include thematic conferences, concerts, tourist visits, stands, evenings on boats and others.

To combine the pleasant and the useful, workshops on soap-making and sand-selling will take place during the three-day festival.

According to the organisers, the event is important for all people from the region, no matter to which social category they belong.

The organiser of the event is the cultural association Doussou Kele, AC-DK, in partnership with local political and traditional authorities, including the Regional Council of Koulikoror. The patron of the IFN is Issiaka Sidibe, president of the National Assembly of Mali.



December 2, 2015
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