Internationalising Kilimanjaro Film Institute

Applicant: Kilimanjaro Film Institute (Tanzania)
Location: Zambia, Tanzania
Duration: 30 months
Amount of the grant: 486 786 €
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This project aims at founding, along the model of the Arusha Kilimanjaro Film Institute, a new training institute for audio-visual careers in Zambia. In order to achieve this objective, the project includes the organisation of training sessions for trainers and students, the implementation of a series of employment and income-generating activities, and the production of audio-visual content for the Zambian market.

KFI has a two-year curriculum. In their first year KFI students learn to master some basic skills such as using a camera, editing and sound. They also learn how to write and create storyboards and will be introduced to the, creative and artistic aspects of media production and cover topics such as research and reporting skills.

In their second year they learn more about research, reporting, planning, script writing, directing, presenting and production. This part of the curriculum largely teaches through group-based learning and the production of a series for television by the students under the supervision KFI trainers. During the second year the students also learn entrepreneurial skills. An internship at an existing media houses is part of the two-year training. This learning on the job is critical in the success of the students in the professional world.

The curriculum that KFIZ is following is similar to the curriculum used by KFI in Tanzania. KFI Tanzania has more than 5 years experience in training students to become professional filmmakers.


Photo gallery of the first year.

Started in 2014, the Institute recuited 20 first students for the first batch of courses for the academic year 2014 / 2015.

In August 2015 a new group of 20 students started at KFI Zambia. 


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