Photo du tournage du film "RUN" de Philippe Lacôte

In 2013, Boris Van Gils, the Belgo-Congolese producer, travelled between Paris and Abidjan for the preparation of the film of the “Zebra Stripes” in which Benoît Poelvoorde plays the main role. Today, Boris Van Gils is installed in Abidjan where he works on numerous projects including the organisation of the “Francophone Film Awards”, planned for late 2015. “For a producer like me, this is Switzerland”, he said. “Bureaucracy, formalities, shooting authorisations ... everything is easy.”

A simplicity that attracts international productions (like What we did to God) and allows the emergence of a new generation.

Philippe Lacôte’s RUN, funded by the ACPCultures + Programme undoubtedly played for the rebirth of the audiovisual industry in the country (see analysis).

The elders also are back in service. Akissi Delta is about to turn My Big Family, a sequel of My Family, the legendary Ivorian drama. Jean Hubert Nankam, producer of the series A Class and Teenagers, returns with Vert Olive.

After the inertia of the 2000s, it is the whole machine that is gradually recovering. The government is investing through the establishment of support mechanisms for production. Copyrights are paid again and RTI, the national chain, now supports local production by increasing calls for projects.

The highlight will be the liberalisation of the audiovisual sector, scheduled for the coming months and will enable the emergence of new TV channels.

Meanwhile, international groups are positioning: the chain A +, last-born of the Canal + Group, has been broadcasting since October 2014 and is based in Abidjan. Vox Africa just opened an office there, the Lagardère group which is launching two new radio stations and installed its distribution company specializing in African content (DIFFA).

Movie theatres also re-opened with the Majestic Ivoire. In June, it's Discop Africa - important event for the audiovisual sector - that were held in the capital

Formerly cultural capital of West Africa, Abidjan thus finds its splendour. “We are at the beginning of something. We can feel it...”, says a producer.

Source : Le Monde Afrique

September 3, 2015
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