For the first time the festival will be held in 3 different cities in Mozambique

Filmmakers and film lovers will join forces at the third edition of the African Film Week in Maputo, Mozambique

Born in 2013 and stemming from an attempt by Mozambican producers and directors to compensate for the lack of any framework for African cinema in Mozambique, the African Film Week has established itself as a platform to both display and analyse the cinema produced on the continent.

Year by year, MAFW has expanded, reaching the Island of Mozambique in 2014, and this year it will include the city of Inhambane, with screenings in the newly restored Tofo Cinema.

The third edition of the African Film Week will consist of the screening of 13 feature films taking place over seven days in three different cities in Mozambique. It will start with Maputo from 9-15 April, followed by the Island of Mozambique from 1-8 May, and will finally end up in Inhambane from 14-21 May.

Alongside screenings of both premieres and African classics, the event includes an academic programme of discussion and analysis in collaboration with the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (ECA) and the Instituto Superior de Artes e Cultura (ISARC), which will see the participation of national and international filmmakers.

The gathering’s opening on 9 April will welcome Angolan director Zézé Gamboa, with the screening of his most recent work, The Great Kilapy (2012).

In his second feature, the award-winning Gamboa portrays a historical drama in which the story of the protagonist, Joãozinho, based on a real-life character, stands out against a backdrop of the eve of Angolan independence.

To watch The Great Kilapy trailer, click here.



March 23, 2015
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