Veteran Nigerian Filmmaker Launches Online Streaming Channel to Protect His Work (And Others)

Veteran Nigerian filmmaker, Tunde Kelani has long been a vocal opponent of piracy (specifically of Nigerian films), which continue to eat into his (and other Nigerian filmmakers') profits, which is major problem for Nollywood movies, especially when they leave Nigeria and travel the international marketplace, where the filmmakers lose control, and thus income. 

To that end, he has seized control of his library of work, and launched what he calls an online TV network where all his past (and future) films and TV work (and the work of others who want to join in his efforts) will reside for fans, or any interested parties, to watch.

The new online platform, which officially opened for business on Friday, August 7, will be "a new online destination for African cultural-themed content" available for viewers globally (not just in Nigeria), and can be accessed on all devices with broadband web connectivity (including, of course, mobile devices).

“It is an attempt to respond to the yearnings of our teeming fans of rich African themed content on the go. Distributing films or other content physically are becoming increasingly difficult; revenues are lost on a daily basis and content owners are at the mercy of the menacing activities of pirates. I think it is just natural, expedient and sensible to take content closer to the consumers on demand, and in terms that suit all the parties involved,” Kelani said. 

Kelani has urged all other content owners to get on board. 

Currently, there isn't much on the site, which is available at, but what is there at the moment (some of the filmmaker's past work) can be watched entirely for free. One would assume that, in time, as he updates the site with fresher content, a subscription fee will be charged. 



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August 11, 2015
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