Sparring Partners: supporting young video artists by development of opportunities and network

Applicant: GVC Onlus (Italy)
Location: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba
Duration: 24 months
Amount of the grant: 500 000 €
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The action consisted of a series of training activities aimed at strengthening the technical and professional skills of young Dominican, Haitian and Cuban video makers. The project also facilitad networking amongst target actors, allowed the organisation of a competition and the allocation of sub-grants in order to develop the market access at national, regional and international levels. 

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Several training activities were carried out with remarkable achievements both in terms of participation and qualitative results. Three different training were held both in Dominican Republic and Haiti targeting young video artists:

a) 17 days practical workshop on video-making run by three Cuban experts, in which a total of 9 short documentaries were realised;
b) 10 days of training on financing opportunities and new promotion technique for cultural products;
c) 10 days of training on Marketing and Communication for the audio-visuals sector.

An International Call for Proposal aiming at financing video documentaries was launched in December 2014 in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and in Cuba in March 2015. The call was open to young artists under 35 years old and saw the presentation of 80 interesting documentary projects on social issues and cultural themes related to the Caribbean region, with excellent quality. 21 video projects were selected by an International Jury and has been finalised.

The project received considerable media visibility, excellent participation by young artists, and results in terms of promotion of cultural products. A short video called Sueños Elevados, realized by the students in the practical workshop, was the winner of the International Festival of Mujeres en Cortos held in Santo Domingo in March 2015. Another one, "Yo y Tu", winner of the Festival International del Cine Documental held in Dominican Republic in February 2015, has been presented in the Doc Corner of Cannes Festival with the support of Sparring Partners.

During the action more than 350 young artists received training through participative workshops in marketing and communication, financing opportunities and new promotion techniques. 79 artists participated in the international call, 21 video projects were financed, produced and disseminated. 9 successful short videos were produced during the workshops. 37 events were organized by partner organizations in the three countries. Videos have been in official selection in 109 occasions, won 6 awards and two of them were declared by the press the best documentaries of Dominican Republic.  

In synthesis:


  • The partners organised 3 participative workshops : Haiti, in March 2015 with 24 students; RD in January 2016 with 17 participants; RD in June 2016 with 32 participants;
  • Six workshops have been organised in financing opportunities and new promotion techniques, post-production and distribution in 2015 in Cuba with 162 participants;
  • The project allowed the launch of the video competition in Cuba (April 2015);
  • Following the launch of the call, the partners selected and financed 21f audiovisual projects in DR and Haiti (Feb 2015) and Cuba (May 2015);
  • All the partners have been involved in the implementation and monitoring of micro-granted projects;
  • The partners participated also to the dissemination of the financed video-projects in cinematographic public events and mobile screenings  in DR, Haiti, Cuba, US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, Caribbean (January-August 2016), as well ad participation to festivals and international competitions.


Instead of creating and set up a new “Caribbean database of opportunities and good practices”, which should had been funded and followed up with additional human and financial resources, this activity has been changed. The parnters opted to disseminate the produced videos through already available platforms, in order also to do not duplicate instruments. The beneficiary opted to perform a quick training for operators and beneficiaries on the use of existing platforms, such as

Web Press:

7 días:

El Caribe:

Doc TV iberoamericana:

Memoria y Cultura:

Listín Diario:

Latam cinema:

Practical worshop and shooting in Port-au-Prince



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