Study into the artistic, economic and social impact of 6 ACP Festivals on ACP cultural industries

Author / Institution: ACPCultures+
Year: 2017
Themes: Culture and development
Economy of culture
Cultural industries
Cultural policies
Intellectual property
Types: Study
Geographical zone: Africa
Language: French
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This report presents the study of the artistic, economic and social impact of 6 Festivals:

• African Performing Arts Market - MASA (Côte d'Ivoire)
• Festival Africa Festival (Senegal), supported by ACPCultures +
• Festival Ile Courts (Mauritius), supported by ACPCultures +
• Festival of Pacific Arts (Solomon Islands)
• Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)
• Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, supported by ACPCultures +

The study contains an analysis of the social and economic, professional, cultural and artistic benefits of these festivals from their contribution in terms of promoting cultural diversity, marketing and circulation of works, networking professionals, and an analysis of The financial stability of festivals. The report includes recommendations to enhance the impact of these festivals.

Attachments: executive summary (English and French), conclusions & recommendations (English), mapping of the studied festivals, Powerpoint presentation (English and French)

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