Timbuktu has been named winner of the International CLGU Price - City of Mexico- Culture 21


Inscribed on the List of World Heritage in 1988, she won the award among 83 submissions through its project "Cultural heritage and revitalization of socio-economic activities in Timbuktu."


This project is based on the rehabilitation of cultural heritage and the revitalization of crafts to boost socio-economic development of the city. It was prepared with the support of the Malian Ministry of Culture and the UNESCO office in Bamako and is part of the implementation of the UNESCO Plan of Action and the Malian government in favor of heritage of northern Mali.


The Action Plan has mobilized the international community and raised awareness of the crucial role that heritage plays in social cohesion and peace. The partners include in particular the European Union, and CRATerre. The Action Plan is not limited to physical reconstruction of heritage; it also deals with questions of identity, dignity, and building lasting peace in Mali. In addition, the rehabilitation and reconstruction of cultural heritage have created many jobs and contributed to the revitalization of the local cultural economy.


The International Prize UCLG-Mexico City-Culture 21 pays tribute to this iconic city of Mali, now a figure of reference, establishing a bridge between the values ​​of culture (heritage, diversity, creativity and knowledge transfer) democratic governance, citizen participation and sustainable development.


This award aims to reward cities which have made themselves conspicuous by their contribution to the promotion of culture as a pillar of sustainable development, a goal that aligns perfectly with the target 11.4 of the UN Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development to "Strengthen efforts to protect and preserve the world cultural and natural heritage."


Source: UNESCO


August 16, 2016
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