TOSTEM: preserve and enhance the sites of slave trade and slavery

Preparation of an exhibition on histories and memories in the different countries

2nd meeting of the International Scientific Committee of the project in Cameroon

comité scientifique du projet Mémoires libérées au Cameroun

Between the 6 and 9 October the second meeting of the International Scientific Committee of the “Emancipation stories” project’s exhibition was held in Cameroon. Participants (historians, artists, cultural and tourism actors) from project partner countries (Antigua & Barbuda, Cameroon, France, Haiti, Senegal) exchanged for 3 days on the content, the scenario and the educational aspect of the exhibition.

To recap, the TOSTEM project, also called "Emancipation stories", aims to preserve and enhance the sites of slave trade and slavery. Through the collaboration of an international network of partners, it strengthens the economy of cultural tourism, contributes to local development and helps nourish the dialogue between memories. In parallel with the creation of tourist itinerary on the footsteps of slavery in African and Caribbean countries, partners of the Emancipation Stories project are working on an exhibition that will be presented from May 2016 in more than 5 countries.

Debates, workshop and visits of historical sites have punctuated the 2nd meeting of the Scientific Committee and enabled clarify the contents. Traditional societies, the presentation of different slavery’s systems (internal, trans-Saharan, Atlantic) through the social and cultural impacts or the continued resistance of the victims of slavery for their freedom, the exhibition will offer the visitor a global vision of this phenomenon, based on different local situations of the countries concerned. This original exhibition crosses the stories and remembrances of different countries, while highlighting the many consequences on our current societies.

The meeting was also focused on the exhibition's scenario and its articulation with the artistic component.

visite ecole Mc Kinleybaton rouge

The last meeting of the scientific committee that will finalize the exhibition will take place in December in Antigua and Barbuda. The opening of this international exhibition will be held May 10, 2016 in Nantes, before leaving for Senegal, Cameroon, Haiti, Antigua and Barbuda, the United States and Guadeloupe.

Artist-in Residencies

In order to represent with a contemporary vision the intersection between history, memory and legacies, two artistic residencies are included in the project.

The first Artist-in Residence took place in September in Louisiana (USA) in the NUNU Arts & Culture Collective with the artists from USA, Haiti, Antigua and France. This residence has allowed artists to compare their different approaches and enable to highlight the need of create exchange and discussion about this difficult topic shared by 3 continents. 

The artists also presented the values of Emancipation Stories project in schools and to the press.

The second artist-air residence will take place in Saint Louis (Senegal) in November and will gather around the theme "History and Remembrances" Senegalese, Cameroonian and Guadeloupian artists.

October 23, 2015
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