Mark BROWN // Peintre - Antigua & Barbuda

First Artists-In Residence in Louisiana for the Emancipation Stories’ exhibition

An initiative of the Shackles of Memory (Les Anneaux de la Mémoire in French), the TOSTEM program, also called "Emancipation Stories", aims to preserve and enhance the sites of the slave trades and slaveries by bringing together an international network of participants so as to collaborate on a common project. This program is conducted in 4 countries simultaneously :  Antigua & Barbuda, Cameroon, France, Haïti et Senegal.

To enable the dissemination of knowledge of knowledge about the slave trade and slavery, while at the same time promoting public awareness, the Emancipation stories project includes the curation of a major exhibition that will be presented in 3 continents and in over 5 countries from may 2016.  Combining the work of historians and international artists, this exhibition allows for the cross-exchange of different historical backgrounds, of which little is often known, via the few remaining traces left of these histories. It is, as such, an opportunity to foster dialogue between the memories of the different partners on this shared history with various consequences.

The first artist-in-residence is taking place in Louisiana from 8 to 28 September in the NUNU Arts&Culture Collective and will gather these following artists : 

Mark BROWN // Painter - Antigua & Barbuda //


















Philippe MONGES // Photograph - France //


Alex BIEN-AIMÉ // Painter - Haïti

George MARKS // Painter - USA //

The artists begin their residence by discovering historical sites linked to the Atlantic slave trade. as immersed in the theme "History and memories of slavery," they will cross their different visions of the common history that generated distinct social and cultural legacies. The creations will be integrated into the exhibition.

The second artist-in-residence will take place in Senegal in November and will bring together artists from Guadeloupe, French, Cameroonian and Senegalese.

September 9, 2015
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