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The conference has been an opportunity to exhange, network and learn from each others experiences


Exhibition in the historical parc « de la Cannes à Sucre » in Port-au-Prince

« Haïti – Afrique : 2 cœurs en résonance » is the first TOSTEM exhibition in Haïti and covers the history of slavery and slave trades and the influences of African culture on Haitian culture. 


Pictures of the Lonbraz Kann shooting in Mauritius

Discover the shooting photos of the first ever made feature film in Mauritius, Lonbraz Kann by David Constantin


“Art as an opportunity of employment for groups of artists coming from vulnerable backgrounds”

Art Against Poverty is a multi-country project aiming at professionalizing artists in several artistic domains


Presentation of the cultural portal "Southplanet"

Discover in this video the cultural portal of Southplanet (, voiced over by Jamaican Wayne Sinclair. The project offers unvaluable information and communication possibilities


Le partage dramane, animated short movie developed in the framework of the ACP 3D training

This 30sec animated movie show a quarrel triggered for an apple and the way the situation is resolved. The animated short was developed during the ACP 3D training project, financed by the ACPCultures+ Programme.


Mr Hooligan from Telina Randriamahaly; animated short movie. January 26 2015

35 sec animated short movie about a hectic hooligan after the victory of his team. The animation was developped during the "ACP 3D" training, financed by the ACPcultures+ Programme. 

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