• 3i project: reinforce initial training in audiovisual careers in Benin and Gabon. Filming of "La Ronde"

  • Architecture en terres: valorising and promoting the patrimony of earth-based architecture. Earthen construction architecture
  • Architecture en terres: valorising and promoting the patrimony of earth-based architecture. Earthen construction, restaurant
  • Pamoja: capacity building programme for artists, technicians and company directors involved in the dramatic arts. Artist practicing

  • Street Libraries: favouring access to a free book catalogue. Distribution of books in Liberia

  • Art Against Poverty: support to the cultural sector in Kenya and Tanzania. Clown therapy

  • Africap 2016. Valorising African heritage. Lamu, historical town, Kenya

  • Cultural Festivals: Sustaining Man and the Biosphere. Bubaque Music Festival

Tournage Fe-ISMA 2015


September 3, 2015

Reinforce initial training in audiovisual careers in Benin and Gabon

ISMA in Benin, INPTIC in Gabon and IAD in Belgium: a partnership to set up a training that responds to the expectations of the AV sector

Photo du tournage du film "RUN" de Philippe Lacôte


September 3, 2015

After the film RUN, several international projects are emerging

The government is investing through the establishment of aid mechanisms to production


September 1, 2015

Breaking down artistic barriers in Ghana

Right now, artists are using their paradigmatic freedom and the multifariousness of input to create art that’s breaking through quite a few boundaries


August 27, 2015

Fight against the discriminations against albinos

This is the objective of "Proudly Ndundu" festival which opens this Thursday in Kinshasa


August 26, 2015

From 15 November 2015 to 1 June 2016

Cinécyclo team in Senegal will roll 3000 kilometres, from village to village, to gather families around a movie

Construction sans bois


August 24, 2015

A developing cultural industry

How to meet the needs of families while showing respect for the architectural traditions, the environment and its bio-climatic constraints? 

Alex Descas, Main film still, ® Raoul Peck


August 24, 2015

The Caribbean in the spotlight from 15-29 September

25 feature-length films and 49 short films on human rights and politics. For the first year, the Caribbean Film Mart (CFM) cofinanced by the ACPCULTURES+ Programme

Participants doing a break out exercise on trends and product development. Credits: SPC


August 20, 2015

Almost 30% of the country’s population earned from handicraft production

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community orgnanised two training sessions focused on handcraft, fashion and visual art producers.


August 17, 2015

Selection of photos of teams in different partner countries

Southplanet is the reference site for ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) artists and their works



August 17, 2015

The promotional video of the project

This work has been realised by the technical staff of the project. Whatch and savour the Carribean taste! 

RUN, shooting still


August 17, 2015

This article is the first of a series of best practicies of ACPCultures+

Since the production of RUN, the Ivorian government has launched a large-scale project to reform the audiovisual industry. Journey of a project which brought new life into the whole audiovisual chain 


August 7, 2015

In the framework of the 3D distribution project

The CaribbeanTales Incubator Programme has selected ten promising Web/TV series for the 6th edition of its training initiative


July 30, 2015

Video artists in Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti

During first year, several training activities were carried out with remarkable achievements. Discover some photos of the various activities


July 29, 2015

How art and culture can influence and change the life of people

Selection of photos of the "Art Against Poverty" project. Testimonials of several dance and theatre performances, concerts, art therapy workshops, trainings and other art forms


July 27, 2015

Music helps to structure the personality and develop the aesthetic sense and creativity, fundamental to life

The Fundação Roça Mundo inSão Tomé e Príncipe is partner of the project “Traditional Music”. Roça Mundo opened last June the first music school in the country


July 14, 2015

Berlinale and Dubai Festival programmer

Young filmmakers: get started on your own!

Enjoying reading books, children from Ghana


July 10, 2015

"A book can change a life", Malcom X

Facilitating and promoting widespread access to reading: mobile libraries, application for mobile and tablets, learning sessions. Photos taken during training activities or public readings with children


May 25, 2015

Yared Zeleké speaks about his film “Lamb”, official competition. “The movie changed my life”

The film “Lamb”, supported by the ACPCultures+ Programme, is the first Ethiopian film ever selected by the Cannes Film Festival

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